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I do not guarantee customer satisfaction on anything that isn't poetry.


Talented fellow deviants want your love! Give it to them! (Yes, in some cases even literally)



We are only too eager to be the boots left smoldering in the bomb crater. 
from our histories and philosophies and idolization of justice? Not much, apparently.

I don't care what names and reasons that men behind slaughter use. They seem to have forgotten that we were all once children. The toys they play with now are human lives.

There are no 'nations' that are guilty of the daily injustices you hear about or see. Russia is just a name for a lot of people in one place. So is Israel. So is anywhere else. All places have good and not-so-good people alike.

Individuals and groups run these countries and systems, and make these unjust choices. Not everyone there is part of that. So don't bomb and flatten people indiscriminately, nay, don't kill a single person at all. They were once children themselves. Same for us all.

It hurts me that we can sit and watch people dying in our living rooms. And then go to make a cup of tea and be emotional and decide to take a side or opinion without doing anything.

Don't choose a side, don't choose to support names and reasons for killing. 

Support being good humans and remembering that we all came from the womb crying and in need of love and shelter like anyone else.

I can only tell you to spread this message. That's all I wanted to say.
  • Mood: Hope
  • Watching: People killed every day.


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Demosthenes H
Artist | Student | Literature
Allow me to begin honestly. I am unfinished, like the rest of you. Perhaps even barely a beginning.

I was raised on soul butter, in a world where some larders are just crumbs.

I have been writing profusely to navigate the world. My pages are my sails.

My own sea is one that has been diagnosed with mental disorders and the ships are all flooding.

Simply put, I am a human before I am a writer. I will drown for you in my head if that's what it takes.

Why do I do it this way, you ask?

To involve everyone in filling themselves with something other than things or careers or loathing or injustice.

To expose what we conceal in closed walls or wars or muscle or in that crackly pile of leaves that are our memories.

Love and truth, let the rest come full brunt and hurt me as it does.

Now a question for you: Why not?

"The world is paradise, and as soon as everyone realizes this, paradise will be established across all the world tomorrow." -Fyodor Dostoyevsky, The Brothers Karamazov.

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